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Discover how modern technology works all around us―a hands-on approach for kids. Bluetooth brings beautiful music to your ears―but how, exactly? Using technology and building with technology are two different skill sets―and a twenty-first-century kid will need to understand both. The Big Book of Invisible Technology helps children―ages 8 to 12―learn how things work for kids in fun, hands-on ways.

From the invisible Internet to driverless cars and drones, this book shows you how things work for kids, using step-by-step experiments. Then apply your knowledge and learn how you may, one day, bring real and important change to our lives. Are you ready to solve some of Earth’s biggest challenges with technology? The future needs you.

In this book on how things work for kids you’ll discover:

  • Talk like a pro―Important tech-related words are highlighted in bold along with their definitions, in a virtual dictionary of how things work for kids.

  • Hands-on―Nine applied experiments will inspire you to learn while doing―like taking apart and safely rebuilding an old keyboard or remote control.

  • Think bigger―Discover how to brainstorm (meaning to openly generate ideas individually or as a group) as you plan ways to positively influence our planet.