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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

My interview with #BlackTechPipeline is here! 🔗 LINK IN BIO. Thank you Pariss Chandler for giving life to this important movement. Follow the #BlackTechPipeline hashtag on Twitter now and join the conversation!

A quote from my interview: ‘When I was still a teacher, one of my students came up to me and said “I like what you are teaching a lot. When I grow up, I’m going to build a big robot, and I’ll come back to school and show all the kids how I built it. Maybe one day they will build one too.” When he said those words I felt a chill go down my spine.’ I hope my legacy is a ripple effect, and that kids for years to come can feel the magic of technology. I want little black girls in the future to think, “Of course I can be an engineer, why wouldn’t I?”

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